Thanks so much for reading our blog - it has been a long and wonderful journey since the beginning of our adoption process. I no longer have time to keep up two blogs, and really they have become redundant. You are welcome to follow our continued adventures at Une Envie de Sel.


We have a pear tree!
This little tree has been outside our house since we bought it, and for three summers it has born no fruit. My mother, when she came to visit, was convinced it was a fruit tree, though we couldn't guess what kind. Suddenly, this summer it is heavy with pears!
What a delightful and unexpected bounty.


Flavors of the East...
an obligatory stop into the Pearl River trading company, where we spotted this wonderful lunchbox, as well as a tiny carton of bacon-flavored toothpicks.
Dragons on the ceiling.

For dinner, we ducked on a whim into an open-air Indonesian restaurant where I had a delicious nasei-something-or-other that featured a pickled salad, anchovies sauteed in a delicate sauce, and a chicken curry with fragrant coconut rice. The unusual combination of flavors was exciting in concert. Q, exhausted by a long day of social obligations, slept through the entire meal.

The real star of the night was this melt-in-the-mouth curried chicken appetizer wrapped like a gift in banana leaves. We spotted it on a neighboring table and just pointed to it, so unfortunately we have no idea what it was called. Can anyone help? It was superb. My husband had been trying to duplicate it in the kitchen, but it would help if we could look up the name of the dish.

Still out on the walk home. We call this "total consciousness failure".
Back in the hotel and hiding under the eiderdown with daddy. Happy girl!


New York part 2...South Street Seaport.

New York part 1...the financial district.