...well, for a couple days, anyway! It's been so long since we had enough time to get out of town that it feels like a big deal.

We're heading to ski country to spend some time soaking in the mountain air and roaming our old stomping grounds around the Vail Valley.

I'll be back with some mountain photos (provided I remember all my battery chargers) on Friday!

PS - since this trip snuck up on us, and I just don't have time to switch everything back tonight, the HOLIDAY SALE at The Voyagers will be extended through the week. That means buy-two-get-one-free on all 8x10 prints, plus reduced prices will stay put on select items, including the signed, ltd edition giclée prints. I will ship all sales made while we're out of town on Friday.

See you in a few! OX
Last night, we used M's dinner break to make a run down to South Denver for the Hudson Holiday installation. This was a day I have been looking forward to ever since we first came upon Lonnie Hanzon's magical and mysterious holiday windows in Cherry Creek last Christmas. It was love at first sight with his gorgeous, lush, enchanted visions. Stepping into one of his installations is like walking straight into a children's book, a combination of Jules Verne and Willie Wonka, Alice Through the Looking Glass and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
This year, rather than just a series of elaborate vitrines, Lonnie's world has overtaken the entirety of the Hudson Gardens, topiary, fountains and all.
I'm not sure if Q was old enough to remember last year's windows, but she won't soon forget this!
A shifting, changing combination of light, structure and sound. Enchanted pathways leading to groves of hobbit houses, copses of luminescent woodland creatures...
...never knowing what you'll find around the next corner.

The herd of "sheep" projected with contantly changing kaleidascope images was one of my favorite parts. Unfortunately it was ridiculously hard to get a decent image of it. You'd need a video to really capture it!
Some of last year's display, which I was very glad of the chance to revisit.

Perhaps the most spectacular of all was the glade full of illuminated paisley tepees. Absolutely gorgeous! And behind, mysteriously, a pond reflecting an enormous blue tree, out of the top of which bloomed a sort of continuous upside-down firework display. Pure magic!
We want those tepees. We want them bad!
Q warming her hands on a cup of hot chocolate.

Oh, and did I mention you get starburst glasses as well? Q was beside herself.
Now I feel like it's officially the holiday season!



We all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving at M's parents' new house this year. The twins have some serious personality beginning to show these days!
We also had cousins Abby and Samantha for the holiday.
And it was interesting to watch the dynamic between the various age groups of kiddos.
Susan (with the help of Rebecca, and our various culinary contributions), produced a mouthwatering holiday meal.
Q wearing a headband (as a tribute to her regular babysitter, Audrey, who wears headbands), and Abby playing imaginary drums, and kicking a soccer ball.
Q and Abby made a good athletic pair...
...and Daddy helped Q achieve her goal of making a basket on the outdoor court.
Q in her element.

We had the extra pleasure of the presence of our friends William and Stefanie from Normandy, who run our favorite local French restaurant, Indulge, up in our neighborhood.
Q and Abby inventing games in the playhouse.
Evening light on a gorgeous Thanksgiving day.
A post-dinner walk, complete with ball sports.
Q making merry with a football.
At the "dinosaur park".

Holiday Sale Update!


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Happy Holidays!! ooxx M, M & Q


Our pre-Thanksgiving family day treat this week was a trip to the Genghis Khan exhibit at the nature and science museum.
You weren't allowed to take pictures in the exhibit, and I got busted for disobeying such a rule in the Cocteau exhibit at the Pompidou in Paris, so since then I have been a bit more of an obedient citizen. It is, however, extremely difficult for me to look at anything with photographing it, much less something as fascinating as this. It feels a bit like I'm missing a limb all of a sudden.
No rules against shooting pictures in the kids' discovery center, however!
I love the new dinosaur dig feature that they just installed. I'm a big proponent of archeology gmaes for kids. So Q and I did a bit of dusting and unearthing.

Outside, it was a beautiful day, and the park in back of the museum has one of the most beautiful views in all of Denver. (As you can see, Q was very attached to her Genghis Khan hat, and wore it faithfully until she ate it on the ride home. Hmmmm...)
M. enjoying the view.
There's a big steep hill of grass tumbling down from the museum steps, and we couldn't resist giving Q her first experience with hill-rolling.
I don't know how long it's been since I rolled down a hill, and I immediately wondered why I don't do it a lot more often.
It was an instant his with Q, and we had to literally drag her away when it was time for lunch.

After the museum, we always refuel at our favorite hot dog stand, Steve's Snappin' Dogs...
...where we also had the chance to introduce Q to her first frozen chocolate-covered banana with rainbow sprinkles. I have been looking forward to this day! And it didn't disappoint.
Covered in rainbow sprinkles and knocked out after a long, fruitful morning of playing hard.