Q took to tents right away, even before she could walk. And thank goodness, because as a family we are inveterate tent-dwellers. Camping has been a part of both of our lives since early childhood. I think I have always slept better in a tent than even in the most comfortable bed, and a great part of my husband's and my early courtship was based on long camping trips in the desert, sleeping under the stars in my tiny desert tent, with its screened-in roof for easy stargazing.

So when I saw these tepee-style play tents on Etsy (this on is from GracieBeanBaby) I knew that Q would have to have one.
It was an instant hit. What child doesn't love having their own private space to crawl into, and in which to stash their possessions, when the mood strikes? This one is 100% cotton and particularly easy to set up and fold down in a second or two, and stashes discretely in any small corner when not in use. The tent poles are integrated, and secured with a single tie of a ribbon at the top. They also have padding at the base so as not to scratch hardwood floors (which we have, though you see it set up on the rug here).
I filled it with faux (read: safe) luminarias for an extra touch of magic. Also easy to install/stash at will.


Vivian M said...

Kerri loved playing in tents for several years, and even made her own with blankets and chairs.
That's a beautiful tent, and I hope QQ gets many years of enjoyment with it!

Michele said...

I will definitely have to check out that Etsy site. One of those is just what we've been looking for.

Miss you in the lounge.