We all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving at M's parents' new house this year. The twins have some serious personality beginning to show these days!
We also had cousins Abby and Samantha for the holiday.
And it was interesting to watch the dynamic between the various age groups of kiddos.
Susan (with the help of Rebecca, and our various culinary contributions), produced a mouthwatering holiday meal.
Q wearing a headband (as a tribute to her regular babysitter, Audrey, who wears headbands), and Abby playing imaginary drums, and kicking a soccer ball.
Q and Abby made a good athletic pair...
...and Daddy helped Q achieve her goal of making a basket on the outdoor court.
Q in her element.

We had the extra pleasure of the presence of our friends William and Stefanie from Normandy, who run our favorite local French restaurant, Indulge, up in our neighborhood.
Q and Abby inventing games in the playhouse.
Evening light on a gorgeous Thanksgiving day.
A post-dinner walk, complete with ball sports.
Q making merry with a football.
At the "dinosaur park".

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Vivian M said...

It looks like you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, and lots of fun! I would love a kitchen like that someday, lol.