On our first day in Woodstock, we stopped in for an impromptu breakfast, once again, at our friends' wonderful slow-food restaurant, Oriole9.

Everything in this place is artfully designed for a peaceful, fulfilling and relaxing meal.
The children's corner, in particular, is a favorite of ours, and we had the opportunity to let Q spend some time there with the owners' lovely son Mila.

Mila and his mom were so sweet as to bring Q the gift of a bouncy ball filled with glittery snow, which M and Q proceeded to pass back and forth. You can see Qs hands positioning themselves for an anticipated catch. She's still working on catching (though her throwing arm is on a par with that of a pro)and it breaks my heart to see her hoping against hope to see a pass come her way.
Mila is all boy, and his chalkboard style demonstrates that to a T.

Mila's beautiful mom, my erstwhile gradeschool mate, showing Q her lovely necklace.

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Vivian M said...

What as lovely restaurant! I love that they have a children's corner!
By the way, Kerri took longer to learn how to catch too.