On the silliness of the Q.......and why it is impossible for me to put down my camera. Ever. For any reasons. Or under any circumstances.

(Thanks Yoli for the hoodie and sweats...she looks so urban-cool in it!)

Yup, that about sums it up.

Go ahead and laugh as I try to edit my entire surfeit of recent photos and get them up on the blog before we leave for New York (only to return with several hundred more photos for me to edit and post).


Jan said...

LOL!!! Thank Goodness for the MOST entertaining Miss Q!!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Q is so beautiful!

sarahthefantastic said...

That camera should never leave your hand. Have a great trip. It's snowy up here! : )

Michele said...

I totally understand the "load of photos" thing though I don't take nearly as many as you do. And she will cherish every one when she is older.

Kris said...

she is one COOL cat. and stunning. absolutely always stunning.

have a wonderful trip to my favorite city in the entire world. love it more than rome. maybe i said that before?