Sled Hill

Another blast from the past...this is Woodstock's sled hill, where children have sledded for as long as any of us can remember. I sledded here as a child, and I'm sure my mother did as well. This time, it was Q's turn.
Q has never been sledding downhill before, so we weren't sure what to expect by way of reaction. The hill is a fairly fast one, and with all the cold temps the snow was hard. But I watched her face all the way down and there wasn't so much as a moment of apprehension, even on the first run. She looked absolutely confident that this was something she could handle.
And of course, as soon as the sled stopped, there was a "More, more, more!" From Q. She still signs in addition to speaking even if it's a word she is confident in pronouncing, so "more" is a very emphatic double statement from the Q!

It was late afternoon and beautiful light. Really, we could not have experienced lovelier winter weather on the East Coast this time.

I have so enjoyed making memories all over again in the place where my first memories were formed.

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Margaret M said...

Precious! Simply Precious! I took the wee ones sledding for the first time this week too! We had a Fabulous time! Loved all the pics!