Valentine's/Chinese New Year's Day

After a few mild days, it snowed overnight, and Valentine's Day/Chinese New Year's day dawned cold with a few inches of light, crisp powder on the ground. The snow did not diminish the crowds at the lion dances...and the cold toes and noses were well worth the spectacle.
Watching the Q alternately stunned and amazed by the lions and dragons was priceless.
I had never seen them before in person myself, and the dance was quite amazing and beautiful.

I think the drums were Q's favorite part. She spent much of the ceremony "drumming" on daddy's head.
The remains of last night's fireworks.

This red paper dragon was Q's favorite. We hung a paper one from the kitchen ceiling at home, which delights her.
The fireworks, though they were intense, prolonged, and so close to us that we could feel the flack coming off them, didn't phase Q. She never so much as batted a lash.
...though daddy did a good job of squooshing her cheeks in an effort to protect her ears.
Afterward, with the restaurants too crowded to brave, we stopped into the Vietnamese deli for Bahn Mi sandwiches and candied papayas.


Carrie said...

Oh how I wish we lived in a bigger town to see all that sorat fun! Looks like you all had a great time!

kerri said...

Happy CNY to you all, may you have health, much happiness and prosperity in the year of the Tiger.

Ivy said...

Oh so pretty that parade! Still love your photos Maia.

I simply can't believe how big and gorgeous QQ has gotten. She's so happy and I'm glad I found your site again!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day and Happy CNY!


Vivian M said...

thank you for sharing the beautiful images of the Chinese New Year!