From Marrakesh with love...

Recently, I at last ran out of self-control and ordered one of Maryam's vintage Moroccan wedding blankets from her scrumptious online selection. It was very difficult to choose and, of course, even more difficult to wait for my choice to arrive!
Today, a box arrived from Marrakesh, feeling as sun-baked and warm as if it still held some of the gilded rays from that far-off city. Inside, along with the blanket (even more magnificent in person) was this mother-daughter pair of slippers for Q and I.
Q was enchanted by the blanket with its magical sequins that chime and jangle when you shake it...but she was beside herself about the slippers.
She was so excited, in fact, at the idea of mommy-and-Q slippers that she insisted we put them on and take pictures of our feet together.
Thank you, Maryam!
These treasures will be well-loved!

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