These are the days in Denver, the days when the weather is just perfect in every way. The temperatures never get too hot or too cold, and the spring air is silky and cool on the skin.
On this day we wandered to a different part of town to investigate a different park.
Mathilda could not believe her luck when she saw the lake.

Q herself took the photo of the boughs above. She has finally learned to look through the viewfinder, and because she is strong, she's actually able to support the huge lens on my Nikon.


Justine said...

I love the last photo!

Kris said...

i'm not sure how many times i can say "beautiful" or "charming" or "can i come over?"...

but, here i am, saying those things again. your happiness brings me such happiness.

Mom-of-Bean said...

So sorry to hear Sam has passed. He packed a big personality in that small dog body of his.

He is one of my favorite dogs that I never owned.

You were blessed to have him.