I love taking Q to the botanical gardens. It's a wonderful resource because every time you go it's different. The season has so many different phases in each garden scape.
My husband got us a membership on my birthday this year, and it's such a perfect escape for us on almost any sort of day.
I love to just let Q loose and watch her explore.
She definitely has her own little routes and rituals, but every time she also discovers something new.
Busy charming passers-by.

Oh, the colors! Isn't it like a painting?

I discover something new every time, too. Kudos to the designers.

Late blossoms, just low enough for a little girl to enjoy.

Someone deserves an award for this little arrangement. The color! I can hardly stand the artistry of it!


sarahthefantastic said...

Beautiful! What a great idea for a gift. And don't you just love taking pictures of our girls with flowers? It's so much fun. xox S.

Kris said...

D-I-V-I-N-E. truly.