On the holiday, we went down to meet Q's friend Esme and her dad at the REI flagship store.
Q and Esme trying out skateboards.
Q gets more comfortable with the free-climbing rock every time we go, and I just love watching her. She's kind of a natural. She even remembers to keep her core close to the rock most of the time.
She gets more independent with each climb.

She's really been wanting to go all the way to the top, so Esme's dad climbed up to help her from above.

With daddy's helping hands spotting her from below...
...she finally gets to see the view from the top!
Carefully explaining to Esme how to climb. So cute! Mind you Q is the younger child, but she obviously considers herself the expert here.
Esme giving it a try.

Q is proud of the shirt mommy made her ;)

Esme was Q's first friend, and I love watching them together.

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh my... to go Rock Climbing... that is something that I have always wanted to do... so great to see Miss Q climbing - she is such a sweetie... you go for sister and don't let anything stop you :)