How we celebrated...
...the first half of our father's day weekend.

The Highlands Square festival, which we have missed every year since we moved to Denver. This year, we made up for it by going twice in one day...pre-nap and again post-nap, when the mood was much different than it had been in the morning!
Q was thrilled and amazed to find a booth with her music teacher in it, and all the instruments she likes to play on Thursday mornings at Music Together.
If you wondered about the mysterious red Mustang in my last post: no, daddy didn't get a Mustang for his father's day gift (though he probably would have if I had the money and/or the mechanical ability). There was just a sweet car show on one of the streets off the festival. For the record, I'm the vintage car buff, not him. This was not so much his father's day wish, but rather mine. His wish was that he would get to listen to heavy metal music in the car all of father's day morning as we drove south to meet his family for a day at the pool. And so he did!

He also got an entirely unsolicited copy of the Twilight Eclipse soundtrack, as a joke, because I have a sick sense of humor. But as it turns out, the soundtrack is (inexplicably) pretty solid. So I guess the joke was on me. No, we have not seen the movie - nor do we intend to.
My family drove a racing-green Mustang for a time when I was a kid, so I have a soft spot in my heart for the original articles.
And oh, how I would love a car with a red interior! Maybe in my next life.
Crawfish outside our friend Ed's fabulous New Orleans-themed restaurant, Highland Pacific.
Beautiful vintage cars and beautiful vintage houses in old North Denver.

Q getting into a fresh fruit kebab from one of the many food stands.
Watching as the kebabs are made.
Deep concentration.

At the bouncy castle, where I was forced to climb through the maze in search of our daughter, who refused to come out.
At the end of a long, exhausting and fruitful day.

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Virginia said...

Sounds like a great weekend. She is really sprouting up, and her hair has really grown,too! I love her little tye-dyed dress.

Gin =)