Q and a bowl of roses.
The other day, we all set out to attend the graduation party of a friend and fellow business-school graduate. Here you see our long, tall Q, looking extremely mature, elegant and willowy in her VDJ dress. Only distinguishable as a toddler by the snack lid she is fervently chewing.

Walking into the party just a bit too cool for school in her turquoise shades.

This was a party at which nearly every attendee had at least one (if not two or three) unusually photogenic toddlers and/or babies. I was distracted by so many amazing photo ops that I have next to no photos of the actual adults for whom this party was intended.
Setting out for an adventure. You can't tell by the size, but Q is the baby in this group. Her BFF Esme is six months older, and Ava with the gorgeous blonde tresses is a year and a half her senior. In this photo they all appear about the same age.
Ava and her gorgeous hair...

One of the younger members of the crowd.
Esme and Zoe.
Ava giving the much younger (if not much smaller) Q some gratuitous props.
Q treasuring a flower that Ava picked for her.
Hiding from the younger "generation".
Q felt bad for the little one, and went back to rescue her. Awwwwwwww!!
Jenna and the youngest (I think!) of the babies in attendance.
A game of miniature soccer.

Taking a break to eat fish tacos with daddy.
Incredible view of the capitol from this newly-renovated part of town.

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Q is a heart breaker!!!!