This land is your land...
...this land is my land.
First hike for Mathilda and me on our own.
It's nice to have a canine hiking companion again.
Looking our from my favorite hiking trail over Minturn from above.
A banner wildflower year for the Vail Valley.
Lilacs growing wild above Minturn. I always think that this lilac bush must once have stood beside a long-forgotten cabin. Not sure how else it got up there. What a beautiful view of an unusually green valley.
I think Mattie enjoyed herself nearly as much as I did.
Q and daddy enjoying the scenery.
Q enjoying her first meal at Pazzo's pizzeria.


Stefanie said...

What a beautiful day! It's wonderful to see you enjoying a hike with a canine companion again... Mathilda looks like she did wonderfully on her first hike :)

Ty's Parents said...

Beautiful pictures once again.Love Mathilda's markings and QQ's dress! Enjoy the rest of your getaway!