Not to long ago, we had some friends for a dinner. They were old friends of ours from out days in the mountains, but although Q had been iceskating with them once last winter, she was not so sure she wanted them to share our home for the evening.
When they came inside, Q took their shoes and lined them up facing the front door...in case they might want to leave quickly, I assume ;)
It didn't take her too long to warm to having friends to show around, however.

Willa, with the curls, is about Q's age, and Maisie two years older.
Q got to show off her new tree swing.

And we got to catch up with old friends under the apple tree, which is bearing more than it's share of fruit this year, after two fallow springs in a row.
Since we don't often entertain, we had to improvise with various tables and chairs on the lawn, and the littles go their own table, which I think they quite enjoyed!
Sometimes when you improvise, everything works out just fine.
A lovely evening all around.


Snowflowers Mum said...

those kind of evenings are the best. reminds me of my childhood. unstaged and full of life. Love the tables and chairs...perfection.

Vivian M said...

Improvised get togethers are the best! I have always thought that people will not remember what color their chair was or if they matched, just if they were comfortable and had a good time.
Personally, if everything is too "perfect" I am not comfortable at all!
By the way, great tree swing!