A transcendent evening

We were out riding our bikes after dinner on a recent evening, and came across this field just before sunset.
The light was just so, looking back West toward the Rocky Mountains and the setting sun, and we had to leap off our bikes and take advantage of the moment.
The soft light can be deceptive, and the prickly things and thorns among the flowers took Q aback at first, but she quickly warmed to the occasion.

These moments of gratuitous beauty are elusive and fleeting. As is life, isn't it? Both elusive and fleeting...oh, much too fleeting. All the more reason to take advantage of every glorious moment that comes our way, don't you think?


The Raudenbush Family said...

Found your blog through someone else's blog--wow, these are amazing pictures! Beautiful!
Kelly (mother to 3 bios and one sweetie from Shaanxi)

k said...

i just want to walk into this scene with my own camera! :O) kiss that Q for me...

Michele said...

I totally agree. I wish there were more of those moments in my life right now.