Q and her cousin Isacah forged a fast friendship during the course of the reunion. They've played before, but this time, sleeping in a roomfull of bunkbeds all on their own, they developed a sisterly sort of relationship. I loved to watch them off playing their secret games among the wildflowers, or whispering in a darkened room at bedtime.

On our last night, we got to enjoy a ranch-style barbecue in this beautiful barn.
The light was absolutely irresistible.

Isacah and Q goofing over their dinner.

Q and I romping on the hillside behind the barn. Highcountry evenings in the summertime are so idyllic as to be intoxicating. It's hard not to get goofy with the sheer, giddy beauty of it all...the spangle of the air, the soft grunts of nighthawks, the breeze fragrant with sage and balsam.

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