Catching up...

Some photos from my mum's camera.
I had asked her to bring something tie-dyed from Woodstock for Q, since she looks so good in the t-shirt that Maia and FangFang sent us. Unfortunately, it's not tie-dye season in Woodstock, and the color choices were slim. Instead, my mum brought two sets of beautiful batik pajamas.
I love how she looks covered in stars.

Eating paper intended for origami stars. We still have not come up with a way to break her of the paper habit. Sigh.
With LaoLao.
At the Vietnamese deli where we get our Bahn mi sandwiches.
Playing at home.
Sometimes she's so beautiful it breaks my heart.


Margaret M said...

So cute and the PJs are adorable!

Yoli said...

She is dreamy in her pajamas.

Snowflowers Mum said...

she reminds me of the 'le Petit Prince' in those jammies