Still rockin' the pink, and the red balloons!

Asking to be picked up.
...and remembering quickly that tantrums are not welcome. She learned that one fast...very fast, and always corrects herself within seconds if she has the impulse to pitch a fit. No one understands the merit of the "flies and honey" platitude better than this kid.
Contemplating reading material.

...and chosing one of our favorite books, on the art of Ed Ruscha.
The kid has taste! And she always surprises me with the books she selects from the shelves. Once she came to me with a book on Man Ray, eagerly gesturing for me to read it to her. She was not happy until we had turned every page and inspected every photograph (and this is the kid who can't get farther than halfway through a Dr. Seuss book without losing her attention span). Another time it was a Chinese dictionary. Yet another, photographers of the early 20th century.

That's our girl.


Colleen said...

How did it happen that the perfect little girl ended up with the perfectly fitting Mom and Dad? It's remarkable and wonderful to see!! Love ya!

Virginia and Doug said...

She's so cute when she's trying to decide what she wants to read..and when she's playing with red ballons, and when she's stifling a tantrum =).

Jan said...

Can this girl just get any cuter??!! Ummm, I think that the answer would be a definite YES!!

Vivian M said...

I love her choice of reading material!

Michele said...

I wish our little guy would get the "flies with honey" thing here. No luck.