The zoo on a premature spring day

We finally got ourselves a family zoo membership....a bit belatedly, but this was certainly the day to do it, with the Colorado sun shining bright and all of Denver heading out to enjoy the mid-winter warming trend.
Ducks enjoying the 70-degree temps. I know...leave it to me to spend time photographing ducks at the zoo.

This polar bear was palpably miserable. No one expects a hot June day in late January in the Colorado Rockies.
Mooga and Esme, learning about arctic foxes.
QQ on the loose.
Daddy and Q watching otters swim. This was (I'm told) the first time that Q has actually taken time to observe the animals while at the zoo. I'm usually at home working when they go, but I'm told that up until this day she thought it was just a place to walk around and bang on glass panels (don't get her wrong, she's a big fan of banging on glass).

Q navigating a concrete slope. It was a close call, but she made it all the way down without either assistance or pavement-burns.
In the concrete jungle.
Mommy and Q.

How cute is she?

Helping QQ to retrieve a moc-croc. She hasn't yet learned to keep slip-ons on her feet reliably.

Esme and Q discussing Obama's forgeign policy.
A couple of granstanding seals.
They were so precisely the color and sheen of bronze (and there are so many bronze animal statues scattered around the zoo) that one woman standing near us was convinced one of them was bronze, and trying to get her child to identify "the real one" until they both started waving their heads around. She was embarrassed.

I got lucky (this is my non-SLR camera) and caught a peacock in the midst of jumping off a fence. I'm not sure I've ever seen one spread its wings before.

Handsome fellow.


sarahthefantastic said...

Glad she's getting to the next level at the zoo and enjoying the animals. YY had no idea what I was showing her when I first took her to see farm animals. She just sat in her stroller and looked puzzled. I'm guessing she hadn't seen many, or maybe any, animals before. Now that Q's got the concept it will be interesting to see what she does with it next!

Yoli said...

She is loving those otters girl! Her little red striped shirt reminds me of a pirate. Great pictures. Love peacocks and you got so lucky on the shot. Q looks so big in these photos.

Mamacita said...

Oh, if I lived there I'd certainly have a family membership too. I love going to the zoo. Its a fun place to walk. Lots of great things to see and photograph!

Juliette said...

We used to have a membership in Toronto, loved it!
There is no zoo here otherwise we'll be there all the time.
I love your pics of QQ always on the move. Your girl is such a delight.

kris said...

oh what fun! i haven't been to the zoo since I was a kid, can't wait to enjoy this kind of stuff with my little E~!