dinner out

Sometimes, when Mike is at work, he is able to take a decent dinner break, and we are able to come down and join him for a meal at a wonderful Thai restaurant down the street from his office. Q always gets very excited when I tell her we're going to see daddy for dinner.

Almost bedtime, and getting sleepy as the meal winds down.


Yoli said...

How sweet! I thought in the first pictures she was wearing her spout! I love how her face is changing, she is going to be one of those women with a fierce beauty. Watch out!

Kris said...

i am just amazed at her poise- she seems to be growing up so fast... where did baby Flynn go?? it's uncanny how she so ... FITS and always did FIT in your family of 3. just meant to be, you know? like all the stars aligned just in the right time.

such a gorgeous little girl.

Jenifer said...
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