Out on the town with friends

My dearly-missed friend Lara from Vail was down in our neck of the woods this week, and we were so looking forward to spending some time with her and her daughter T.
I am on my last two weeks with a part-time babysitter, and for the most part locked in my airless garret with nothing but a pitcher of water and a stale loaf of bread, ruining my eyes by the glimmer of an guttering taper as I crouch over my last, smudged rag of foolscap......

Huh...where am I?

Oh, sorry. I lost my train of thought there.
Anyway, I'm very busy this month trying to catch up with work before I lose my beloved babysitter for the season, so we were only able to meet up with L & T for a single, brief dinner out on the town. It was good to see Q and T together again, however.

And now I'll go back to missing their company. Sigh.

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