Farm country

Hard to believe these days, amidst the immensity of the urban sprawl, that this was once what the front range looked like...well, minus the manicured grass, I imagine.
QQ enters the secret garden.
Playing with a cousin.
In reality, she's usually up to some sort of mischief...
...but when you snap the shutter, she always looks straight out of a fairytale.
Three generations of Larkin.
QQ running wild in the flower gardens...fearing neither thorns nor bees.
The sweetest cow in the shed.
Could this be rhubarb? Or a close relative? Beautiful, whatever it is.
Both the stove and the print on the wall could've been straight out of our cabin on the ranch (right, mum?)
A shady porch, respite from one of the hottest days of a (blessedly cool) summer.

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