Birthday, part 1!

Preparations for Q's birthday party...

...and more of my mum's beautiful house.

Flowers from the local farmer's market, and balloons that Daddy ordered from Houst & Sons.

My mum collects in color schemes. They are Eastern color schemes, to my Western eye (I've been in the west for nearly two decades now) but I have passed through the discomfort with the east coast that sent me west, and on to a new appreciation and love for the place where I was born, if not entirely raised.

For finger food, my mum pulled out a cookbook that has been in our family for longer than I can remember, and unearthed a recipe that my parents used to make when I was very small. Mike was recruited to put his professional spin on it, and the result...
...was transcendent. I love when family history comes full circle into the present day.
Another beautiful room, and another of my mum's gorgeous bird paintings.
Little bits of the Eastern ecosystem that, from the distance of so many years, have come to appear fanciful and exotic to my eyes.

More tidbits from the studio.
If my own workspace were anywhere near so organized and graceful, I would feature it here as well. As it is, you'll have to make do with my mum's.

Preparing for guests to arrive.

Q woke from her nap on that day to the unprecedented surprise of a few dozen balloons, scattered about the property.
She could hardly believe her fortune.


Yoli said...

Your mother's place is absolutely beautiful. That last shot of Q holding her beloved balloons is so sweet. I wish I could see that bird painting closer, the one with the birds flying down. Stunning.

Stefanie said...

It sounds magical!
And that smile on her face, as she held her balloons? PRICELESS :)
Happy Birthday, QQ!

Virginia and Doug said...

Your moms home is amazing. I'm so glad QQ has been having a happy birthday!

Gin =)

Vivian M said...

Great house! I bet the balloons were QQ's favorite part of the day!