Birthday part 2!

Q receiving a handmade gift from one of her mommy's oldest and dearest friends.
Q playing under the table with my friend's youngest son, Mila. This is wonderful and strange to me for a couple of reasons - first, I love that Mila's energetic personality drew Q in from minute one. Second, this table was my family's dining table from early days. Since I did not have siblings, nor did I have cousins, nieces or nephews in close range while I was growing up, I am not used to seeing children play in the same environs where I played as a child. It's a bit surreal, and a lot superb.
Q receiving presents (pigs, no less...she loves pigs!!) from my mum's partner-in-crime.
Showing off her balloons.
On the left is Nina, with whom I grew up from a very, very early age. On the right is Carol, with whom I spent a great part of my late teens and early twenties.
And, in more recent (and blog-related) times, here is our first meeting with blog friends Maia (you might have been confused by her name showing up on my blogs), Ryan, Spike, and FF. FF hails from the same Chinese province as Q. They have a lot in common, and I was SO glad to finally get them together, if only briefly.
The kiddos playing furiously on the play structure that was loaned by a good friend for the occasion.
The play structure was put to good use, as you can see!
Guests gathering around the koi pond on a lovely late-summer evening.

It was so amazing to see so many friends from so many generations, and from so many different eras of my life. Really amazing.
Feeding fish.
A little help from a friend.

Dick getting the kids all riled up!
Q was distracted by balloons while LaoLao brought out the cake.
The second shot shows a very (very!) rare moment of bashfullness in the Q, as she buries her head in mommy's shoulder when the entire crowd begins to sing to her. She really didn't expect that!
Blowing out candles.

Mike and LaoLao serving cake.

Possibly the first 2-year-old birthday when absolutely everyone - three generations-worth - ate cake.
QQ and FF sharing some bonding time.


sarahthefantastic said...

Great to see FF and QQ finally meet. How exciting! : ) S.

Yoli said...

How wonderful!

Vivian M said...

I love the fact that three generations ate cake at QQ's party! Happy birthday!