The things we grow

After a week of chilly autumn rain, it dawned splendid again today, the kind of weather that Colorado is famous for.
Mike decided it was the day to turn of the drip system and pick the pumpkins. They have been growing well, with little Q knocking on each one and then kissing it in turn, like some sort of ritual, every day when we walk down the path.

They look bigger and more splendid somehow, snipped from their tangle of dying vines and set on display, guarding the front door.
Meanwhile it was my day to plant the bulbs, sprinkle them with bonemeal and fertilizers, and bury them under their thin layer of high-plains soil. Now, if only I can keep those punk squirrels away, they will sleep out the long, cold winter dreaming of gentle spring breezes.


Rhonda said...

Love the pumpkins.

What did you plant?

Stacie said...

splendid pumpkins- try sprinkling cayenne pepper to fend off the squirrels- that and human hair if any of you need a trim!

Carrie said...

Yes heard hair works well-but its just weird to me-Anyways QQ is getting so big! Love the pictures!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Rhonda, wish I could tell you what I planted. I am far from a "gardener" and pick purely on whimsy. Whatever comes up comes up. I can only tell you pinks, purples and fuscias...a couple of lacy edges and something vaguely checkered.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

So, unbelievably, I could not find cayenne in our (overstocked) spice cabinet. I put ancho out instead. Don't suppose that will work as well...too mild. None of us felt we had any hair to give up ;)