Because I am so very delighted by the friendship we've forged with Anne and Muguet, whom we met initially through the blog world, and then last year in the "analog" world, that I am thrilled to have finally arrived at the photos of our most recent day together in NYC.
After many days of frigid cold upstate, our day of meeting with them dawned gilded with sun and fairly balmy. We met on the steps of the Natural History museum, but decided, on the basis of the fortuitous weather, to head into Central Park for a play date instead.
Q was thrilled to rediscover her adorable friend Muguet.
The two of them chased eachother up and down the slides and play structures. We also had the good fortune to meet Anne's husband, who had the day free to join in the festivities.
After about six months, Anne and I had a lot to catch up on in the "real world".
And it's always such a joy for both of us to watch our little ones playing together.
Anne is a brilliant knitter, and we arrived to find she had a very special gift for the Q...an aviator-style hat knitted from the finest grey wool. It suited Q to a T, and she has worn it through the chilly months of winter since.

After the playground, we all six took a stroll through the neighborhood, my old stomping grounds on the upper West side. It is more than a little surreal for me to traverse these same blocks where I spent so much time in my wild and woolly 20s, now accompanied by my husband and daughter. How things change, and how time flies!
Anne and her family had in mind to take us to brunch at a favorite restaurant in the neighborhood, but it was the weekend, and also one of the most beautiful and balmy days of the winter in NY, so that every family on the upper West side had had the same idea. As a result, Mike and I dragged the poor things to our standby hot dog joint, Gray's Papaya. Now, I realize there have been an inordinate number of hotdogs in my recent posts. So just let me say that we do not eat hotdogs on a regular basis. Hotdogs are a "special occasion" treat for us, like birthday cakes or candy. It's just that when we're back in NY, we tend to take the opportunity to stop in to Gray's Papaya for a classic dog and a freshly-squeezed and restorative papaya juice.
Anne and her family saved the day by taking us for dessert to the Magnolia bakery, where they make fresh, homemade cupcakes on a daily basis.
The kids were entranced!
And so were we! We very much look forward to our next meeting with Anne and her family in the city for more delightful adventures!


Kris said...

what a lot of fun~! wish we lived closer, i'd love to have some flynn and ellis playtime :O) LOVE Q's hat!

Mom-of-Bean said...

I want that pattern, bad!