Though we escaped another big snowstorm, yesterday and today have been chilly here on the front range. But the weather forecast calls for steadily rising temperatures over the next few days, a push toward spring which, given the timing, I fully expect to set of the first of the April bloom. In that spirit, and in anticipation of the season to come, I thought I'd post this glorious set of photos which I somehow failed to post when we took them last summer, during the height of our rose hedge bloom.
No photoshop was used here....this bush is such a neon fuscia in bloom that it very nearly blows out my camera settings.
It also blooms in such profusion that it's difficult to stay on top of the deadheading.
So Q and I spent a day or two gathering blooms into bowls, which would perfume our livingroom for days to come.
Oh, yeah! Bring it on.

Here's to the change of seasons!