Farm day

On a recent balmy day in our usual spring pattern of sun/snow/sun/snow, we decided to set out to White Fence Farm for an early spring farm dinner.

Q wearing her shades on her head "like a mommy".
Sometimes you have to see the Q in motion sequence. A great part of her beauty is in her motion, and since I have not been able to bring myself to figure out editing and uploading video, this will have to do!

What would earliest spring be...
...without a baby lamb. This one was SO brand new that it had to lie down and take a nap every two minutes like clockwork.
Mommy loves to feed the sheep. It's mommy's favorite thing. Q thinks they're tickle-y.

A lovely day on the farm. Now I'm looking forward to picking season so we can visit the berry and produce farms on the outskirts of town!

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Kris said...

oh what a joy !! and i sheesh maia, can i hire you to dress my girl??