new and dangerous things ;)

I got Q her first skateboard the other day.
I no doubt will live to regret this decision. Q's cousin Harrison still bears the scar of roadrash on his forehead from the time he tried to go down the porch stairs headfirst while lying on his stomach atop his skateboard...age 3. Q, for all her height and maturity, is only two and a half.
But she is a natural with all sports, and a bit of a stunt-girl by nature. She instantly knew the correct position in which to stand on the board (thanks to her favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba, which is skater-friendly). Almost immediately after first trying it out, she hopped on and - to my utter amazement, start shuffling her feet gently toward the nose of the board, where she proceeded to attempt to "hang ten" (I did not get any shots of this maneuver since I was two busy trying to snatch her out of thin air before she hit the floor).
This trick is also a byproduct of her YGG obsession (thanks to an episode where a surfer named Alex shows his old-school form on a wave). I guess she figured if it worked on a surfboard, it ought to work on a skateboard.
Life is evidently going to be one long series of heartstopping moments for us as the parents of the astonishing Q. But, well, let's just say it's worth it.
Her daddy also recently bought her a slide. Since it is not yet warm enough for outdoor sliding most days, the slide has taken up temporary residence in our livingroom (!!) much to the Q's delight. She also, incidentally, instantly began performing stunts on this apparatus, including climbing up it backward, and, once balanced at the top, stretching up like a high-dive artist, arms raised over her head, very nearly on tiptoe. This performed in front of her shocked speech therapist as well as her scandalized mommy.
But that's Q. She am what she am.
No, these are not her glasses.
They belong to her bunny, FooFoo.
As far as we know, her vision is good. But should she ever prove to need glasses, I will be looking for a pair exactly like these. How cool does she look in them??


Snowflowers Mum said...

Good God, she is awesome! The skateboard is magnificent!

Cavatica said...

She is magnificent, but me thinks you might be nuts. I can't look.

Vivian M said...

QQ looks adorable in her Harry Potter-like glasses!
And you are a brave mama, getting her a skateboard at 2 and a half! Kerri got a scooter at 4, lol!

Kris said...

before i read your last sentence i was actually thinking... dear god i HOPE this girl needs glasses one day!!!!!

and a slide inside? and a new skateboard? as my nephew is apt to say: "lucker dog". i wanna BE her.

Ty's Parents said...

The skateboard and glasses are perfect! I cannot wait to hear more stories of QQ's adventures. She is my type of girl even though I never mastered the skateboard or snowboard!

Yoli said...

Love the skateboard, my son has been asking me for one. The glasses are a hit, she looks adorable. All those clothes from VDJ are stunning on her!