Bargain of the week

This is a little on the trendy side, but the best bargain in town if you like that sort of thing! I found this off-white canvas bag with mid-century-vintage style graphics for about $19 at Ch@rlotte Ru$$e. It was so cool that I felt like I was getting away with something, and snapped one up for my sister-in-law (in a slightly different shade) and one for myself. Oh, plus it has a divided center and holds a ton...if, like me, you're a packrat!


Yoli said...

You look very stylish Miss Maia. I wish I could pull off big bags but at my height (5')I look like I am wearing my mother's purse.

Rony said...

Look at you! Hot. Stylish. Gooo girl!! It can serve as a diaper bag too.