Hot, hot, hot!

The temps went up to 81 degrees in Denver today, and the trees are responding accordingly! I love this time of year.

Mike taking the dogs to the park....

...where they recently redesigned our old playground! The swingset (which you can't see in this picture) is shaped like a series of gothic arches. Very cool. The one thing they did leave in its original form is this sea monster, which I think has been around since the '50s! It did get a fresh coat of paint (I would have made it green with scales...but that's just me!)

Always up for a challenge, Sam attempted to climb up beside me. He didn't quite make it, but gets an A for effort!
Sping isn't done toying with us, though....they're calling for 45 and slushy tomorrow. Oh well...it's all part of the fun!


Cari said...

I TOTALLY want to come and play in that playground!!!!

Snowflowers Mum said...

81? Holey Moses! It was 66 here, a vast improvement from the 30's earlier this week! But...the caveat, it was windy as all get out so it was too crazy to go outside with the kids! bummer.

I love the seamonster...very cool.

Lisa M. said...

Go Sam GO! Hilarious. Our weather is so weird. Sunday it was in the 90's, like Africa hot, and then today it's in the low 60's and a chance of some rain. How does global warming expect us to dress? Harummphh.

Vivian M said...

How cute that Sam wanted to climb up with you, that pooch is not one to be left behind!
Enjoy the warm weather!

Yoli said...

What a cute playground! Is it close to your house? That is neat. I love the picture of Sam trying to get up next to you. He is always your trusty companion.

I would love to see the sea monster painted by you.

Beverly said...

Almost looks like a monkey climbing with you.