Since I'm not able to travel this spring (my season for travel), I thought it might be time to revisit some travels from the past. The first photo disc I pulled from the stack was the trip that my mother and I took last summer to Wyoming's gorgeous Medicine Bow mountains. My mum doesn't like it when I say that her photos are better than mine, but...the fact is, they are usually a bit better than mine. There's a good reason for this: she has been taking pictures longer than I, and she has practiced the art of photography more diligently. The bottom line is that we are both good photographers. We both have a good "eye". But we also each have a different perspective. It's interesting to see the difference between the photos that she composes, and the photos that I compose. Ultimately, she knows her camera better, therefore her results are usually superior. That said, here are some of her photos, interspersed with a few of mine. The first one was taken of her, by me, with her camera.

This is her take on some of the miniature flowers of the alpine tundra. Each of these blooms is smaller than the nail on your pinkie finger.

A drainage during mid-summer runoff. That's me strolling the edge of what is almost a glacier.

Tiny flowers that resemble daisies. Sort of.

This is me, about to take a picture of her.

A spectacular range of mountains protruding from summer meadows.

My lovely mum, climbing a slope.

More flowers from the marshy section of the alpine tundra.

She took this of me, composing a shot.

My athletic mum, climbing a steep slope at high altitude.

This one was taken on the shores of Lake Dillon in Summit County, CO. Those of you in the China adoption world will understand, so I won't restate it.

We drove into Rocky Mountain National Park from the backside.

Me at the highest point.

Mum at the highest point. It feels warm for a few seconds, and then you start to feel the effects of the wind, and the collar comes up!

Just over the summit.

A few days after our roadtrip, we visited Denver's botanical gardens. This is the Japanese section.

These are my photos of allium in the botanical gardens. As you can see, I love the allium. That's why our front garden is currently populated by three different varieties of allium that my mother sent us, and which we planted last fall.

I'm hoping that this summer I will have similar photos of allium from our own garden.

My mum's beautiful photo of the reflection pools.


Yoli said...

Beautiful, like mother, like daughter.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Makes me ready to go for another road trip... we just booked our hotel for Durango today and even decided that we would drive into NM one day... I am excited to be going to a new place with my camera... then there is Vegas next month... poor Mike cause it is camera time again... love the photos taken by both of you...

Lisa M. said...

I love reflection photos. You two can rock out some sweet photies!

mommy24treasures said...

oh these are beautiful!

Diane said...

The pictures are all beautiful. So is the relationship you clearly have with your mother.