Air and steel

Does anyone else love mobiles? Is it just me? I know, I was raised by artists, which makes me different. But Calder Mobiles were a big influence on my childhood, and our journey through the "hall of mobiles" at the art museum the other day got me all fired up. I realized I should have a mobile for our house. My dad (who was terrific with metal and a welding torch) would have made us a spectacular one if he were still alive. But in absence of my dad, I wondered...where to look? At this point in my life it's pretty safe to say I'll never be able to afford a Calder Mobile. I'm sure I could figure out how to make one myself, but the last thing I have time for is learning a new artform, and the last thing I need in our cramped and cluttered workshop is a whole set of welding equipment (besides which, did you see Flashdance? I get these uncomfortable images of legwarmers and ripped-up sweatshirts...)
And then it came to me....Etsy. And sure enough, there was a wonderful mobile-maker out of Oregon with a shop on Etsy. His shop name is Mobilosity, and that's his work in the photo above. I'm a sucker for brushed steel, and so this one really hit the spot for me. Unfortunately, with 10' ceilings and 6' me (and husband) this one would have endangered our craniums. So Mark at Mobilosity is designing me a custom-made one for our house. Yet ANOTHER thing I love about Etsy. I'm a bit excited!!


Heather said...

I love Etsy, too... have you checked out the children's clothes on Etsy yet? Also, have you ever seen the brand Random Nicole? Each little piece is like a tiny work of art.

tiffany said...

I also love mobiles and have them hanging all over my house. :) Most are by Serena Mann so different syle completely than this lovely one you chose, but same idea. Things floating from above. :) Artisans shop on 3rd in CC has a nice selection of mobiles.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I blame you and Hayley on showing me the way to Etsy... though never bought anything from there yet...I do have a ton of favourites... Mike isn't going to be happy when he discovers me buying from there... I will tell him you and Hayley made me do it... hehehe... by the way... love the mobile... take care

Yoli said...

That is beautiful, I am sure the one he is making for you, will be great.

Etsy is totally addictive. Please pass on any artist to me people. I love seeing good work.

kerri said...

I love Etsy, so much talent it boggles my mind.
I too love mobiles, hope your custom piece is just perfect. :)