Bathing beauty

QQ has been taking swimming lessons this week. On her first lesson, she learned to go underwater while holding her breath. On her second lesson, she learned to kick her feet.
She also just looks really good in a bathing suit. Aunt Chrissie recently sent a box with a few of cousin Isacah's outgrown suits in it...just in time for Q's debut in the pool!
(Here she's pointing out our wedding picture, btw. She loves to look at old photos of us.)
I think this leopard print looks particularly fetching on her...not many of us can pull of leopard print!

Notice I finally brought in the vintage school desk for her to use? She is just now tall enough! I never did get around to painting designs on it, but for the time being it looks good enough as is.


Yoli said...

Esther Williams step aside! I am so glad you are starting her in swimming classes. It is a life skill all children should learn. The number of useless deaths in the ER from children not knowing how to swim is staggering.

monica said...

She looks so big and grown-up in these photos! Such a gorgeous little physique too.

chrissie said...

HOW FUN!!! Can you believe Isacah wore that just last summer (May to be exact!)and now...she wears a 4-6...

Snowflowers Mum said...

excuse me, but it QQ part pixie? I just cannot get over how much she looks as if she just flew in your bedroom window from the enchanted forest.

Have you checked for wings?

Love the hair, she is so so so stylish, she needs to live in Soho!

M@rgriet said...

Hakuna Matata!
xxx M.

Anonymous said...

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