Lakeside in June

Back when my mum was here, she, QQ and I took an afternoon stroll through our gorgeous neighborhoood...
...winding up at the ever-surreal, strange and delightful Lakeside Amusement Park.
I've posted about Lakeside before, but I can't resist stopping it at least once a summer, partly to make sure it hasn't vanished like the mirage it appears to be, and partly to give my camera another chance at its fading facade, its chipped and ragged glory, its vintage carnival delights.


sarahthefantastic said...

Delicious! Love the juxtaposition of roses and amusement park and QQ taking it all in. : )

Deirdre said...

Beautiful! Sidamo just had his first Lakeside experience and loved it (to our surprise). Interestingly, I took an out-of-town friend there a couple weeks ago, and we got sent to the office for taking photos. The owner told us we needed to stop photographing, and they made us sign something saying we wouldn't distribute any of the already-taken photos. Very odd—I feel like there's a Lakeside subculture that would make a great movie or mystery novel.