Good grief, Charlie Brown!

So, the other day we were drove down to the Southwest part of town to have dinner at a weird and wonderful place called the White Fence Farm...but that's really another story, which I will post about comprehensively at a later date (keep an eye out for it, 'cause it's gonna be good.)

OK, back up a bit. The fact is, I am once again so hopelessly behind with my photos that I'm jumping around wildly in sequence from one post to the next. I have a few big things to cover before I get to the day we visited the White Fence - including the surreal vintage carnival of Lakeside with my mum and Q, not to mention the end of our railroad day, during which we spent some time photographing "living ghost-town" of Silver Plume (also both weird and wonderful!) and saw some of the sickest storm clouds this side of the Wizard of Oz. Toto, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore.

In any case, I had to post these photos first, because....well, because I have no willpower. None whatsoever.

So, to start right smack in the middle of a story, the above photo shows the place mat that you get when you sit down to eat at the White Fence Farm. As you can see, it does double duty as a map of the premises, so if you want a little sneak peek at what you're in for during that future post, click on the photo and take a gander at the map.
Here is QQ inspecting her place mat while we wait for the main course. Nothing abnormal there. Just trying to decide whether she wants to visit the aviary first, or the OK Corral.
And then this happened.

It happened so fast - right in the middle of my taking a bite of a particularly crisp and steamy homemade corn fritter - that I had to throw down my corn fritter, snatch the camera out of my lap with greasy hands, and snap away without any time to adjust for lighting or sharpness.

I mean, how is one to anticipate the moments that follow?
It's like that Monty Python line - no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.
Let me tell you, if the Spanish Inquisition had had a QQ on their team, no one would have stood a chance against them.

Could you, for instance, hold your ground in the face of......

At this moment, I opened my wallet, handed over all the credit cards, gave her my car keys, and signed a statement saying I was her slave for life.
After that, she paused briefly for effect, and....

......wait for it...........


There's no hope for us. Not a single chance. We're doomed.


chrissie said...

yeah you might as well hire the tatoo artist and make a room for the boyfriend, and get her her own gas card...i understand your state! :)

chrissie said...

seriously that last picture is just too much...i want to give her my keys!!! :)

Kathy said...

We live in Lakewood, very close to
White Fence Farm. We've only been there once, though, but you're right... definitely weird and wonderful.

She is just too cute...you are most definitely doomed :o)

Vivian M said...

LOL!!!! You MUST surgically attach that camera to your hand at this point.

kerri said...

Happy 4th of July to you!
Love the photos, your one lucky Mommy. ;)

Yoli said...

OMG she is delicious!!!

Michele said...

Yup! I'm betting that yo'd give her practically anything she asks for and I don't blame you one bit. That face would melt the coldest of hearts.

Anonymous said...

her smile is the best.

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You MUST surgically attach that camera to your hand at this point.
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