White Fence Farm, part II

Snuggling with daddy on the back porch (love the rockers!)
QQ was thrilled to watch the square dancers.
I asked her to sit on the steps of the gazebo while we waited for Daddy, and she decided to take a moment to smell the flowers. In the third photo, you'll see her get in a little too close...and if you click on the fourth photo, you can see the spray of pink geranium petals that ended up in her mouth.
"A" for enthusiasm.
Doesn't she look fast in that last shot? A little carousel-horse racecar driver.

We didn't get a chance to take a carriage ride, but it sure is pretty, no?
From the farm, we headed west to Redrocks, with every intention of seeing The Princess Bride at their film on the rocks series.
The light was spectacular over the foothills.
And the valley view from the redrocks park was amazing.
QQ was having the best day of her life, from the looks of it.
We had blankets, juice and snacks in our shoulder bags.

Riding on daddy's shoulders amid all this gorgeous scenery was the cherry on top of the cake of her awesome day!
QQ particularly admired the couple on the top right, who arrived on a very stylish vintage motorcycle. Along with her abiding love for various sports, Q is a bit of a motorcycle aficionado.
It's a good thing the scenery speaks for itself, because after climbing the many sets of stairs up to the amphitheater, we discovered that the tickets we had needed to be traded in at the box office for a different set of tickets in order to gain entry to the sold-out show. Hmmmmm...can you say "red tape"? It's a good thing that QQ didn't know what she was missing, that we'd already had such an awesome day, and that the view is mostly the best thing about the redrocks amphitheater, anyhow, otherwise we would have been rather ticked off. As it was, we went home happy and at the homemade peach cobbler we'd taken to-go from the White Fence.


Kathy said...

I want to know who actually saw The Princess Bride at Red Rocks becuse you're third person I know who tried to go and was turned away because it was sold out...my sister, icluded. She had planned on taking my daughter as they both LOVE The Princess Bride.

I'm glad you enjoyed your cobbler, we settled for going to the bookstore. Although, my daughter, like yours, didn't know. The movie was to be a surprise.

Amy said...

Sounds like the perfect day to me. How wonderful to live near views like that, what a gift.

Cari said...

It looks like a gorgeous day! What an awesome place - -I want to go there too!

Kris said...

oh what a wonderful day and ALL those fun things to RIDE (including but not limited to Daddy's shoulders! but the horse of course too!)

Yoli said...

What a happy day and lovely pictures of father and daughter.

Vivian M said...

What a wonderful day, and great photos! And I think QQ has good taste!

Julie said...

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Julie said...

but the horse of course too!)
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