Laundry day

When we have a day (or part of a day) free to do a few much-needed loads of laundry, we tend to just launch the loads out of the drier and onto the furniture...and animals...and children....until all our loads are done, and we are ready to begin folding. Sam has always enjoyed these times, because he's a warm-blooded little dog, and gets chilled easily. Even in summer. He loves to curl up on (or even under) a warm load just out of the drier. Fred, however, is indifferent to heat or cold, and just suffers in silence when laundry is placed strategically on top of him.
Fred is not above playing it for laughs. Sam likes to stay a safe distance from any fun-making that might be in the offing. He is very susceptible to humiliation, and likes to avoid it when possible.
Fred is...just Fred. He takes things with a grain of salt and a thick skin. Possibly the thickest. Maybe even a little too thick.
This was actually a few weeks ago, and QQ is now in college....or so it seems. I hate that every time I get a little behind in posting photos, I find that she looks like a totally different person than she did three weeks ago. It's alarming.
Here she is doing her daily yoga.
Fred contemplating taking a bath in the leavings of QQ's bath. I think he secretly wants to play with her boats and rubber ducky collection.
Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That hits the spot.


Yoli said...

Fred is going to get a following. You might as well just give up and make a blog just for him. He is just too much.

Vivian M said...

Fred fits right in!

Caterina B said...

Gosh he's cute! But not as cute as QQ! You are right, Yoli, Fred is going to get a following. I am so glad you have pets for QQ. What a sad home it is with children but no pets. She's a lucky little girl to have her wonderful family.

Virginia and Doug said...

Love these pictures. Those doggy faces are so irresistible.

Donna said...

That last photo of Fred with the pink rubber ducky totally cracks me up! Seriously funny/cute.

Our blog: Double Happiness!

Kris said...

You need a Fred blog. I wish my dog would so willing get in the bath.
Maybe when Ellis gets home he'll show more interest. :)

fourlittlehawks said...

When are you going to start selling the "I Heart Fred" tshirts? Can I put in an advance order? Because I do heart Fred, I really do!

~ Jen

Mamacita said...

Bassetts are the best dogs ever. This morning, Lina brushed Maggie and I swear her eyes were rolled back in her head and I heard purring.

Cavatica said...

BB does the headstand thing too - when she's tired and she puts her thumb in her mouth. We call them her powernaps. Funny.

Julie said...

What a sad home it is with children but no pets.
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