A family day

We never have weekend days off - weekends are work days for us. But on this particular sunny Saturday, we had a full day off as a family of three, thanks to the wedding of some good friends. M. took the day off work, and we spent the whole thing, morning til night, enjoying eachothers' company.

A morning at the University was followed...
by and afternoon walk...
...to the park.

An evening gallery wedding reception down in the Santa Fe arts district was the capper to our day.
What a beautiful space for a wedding!

Q got to spend some much-anticipated time with her friend Esme.
While some people prefer to have a babysitter for an evening event, I actually prefer an event that is child-friendly so I can bring my munchkin along. Part of this is, of course, thanks to the fact that she behaves so beautifully at social events. She really is a champ, and always makes me proud.

And what a space to play in!

Dancing to the High Beams as the evening wore on.
The only tragic part of this story is that somehow, amid the festivities, I failed to get one single picture of the bride and groom themselves. This is especially unfortunate since they both looked gorgeous in their extremly hip wedding finery. I wish you could have seen the bride's retro-chic 3/4 length wedding dress with its hand-sewn fabric flowers, topped with a chic formal jacket....sadly, there is no way for me to remedy this oversight. Blame it on chasing a toddler around an art gallery all night!


Stefanie said...

I love family days! Looks like you guys had just about the perfect day (short one picture of the bride and groom ;))
LOVE that shot of QQ smiling in her daddy's arms... how precious is she?!?

sarahthefantastic said...

Wait! Has she always had cheek dimples or are those new?
(Glad you had a whole day together with lots of fun things to do. We had a great together day too!) xo S.

Snowflowers Mum said...

We relish family days too. QQ is always the star of the party, I hope she didn't upstage the bride!

Margaret M said...

It looks like a Wonderful Day! I don't visit as often as I should but I love coming to your blog and catching up! Enjoy your Fall my bloggy friend!

Kris said...

hmmm... you just gave me a GREAT idea for my upcoming wedding :O) love the photos as always and can you heist a photo from the bride and groom themselves? now i'm dying to see!!

xoxo to all of you.

Yoli said...

Q is a dangerous woman to bring to any occassion. She steals the scene. Just look at her, cuteness personified. You in that dress looked gorgeous, you should have posted more pictures of you in that dress.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Stefanie, Q is always smiling in her daddy's arms...it's a beautiful sight to see!

Sarah - she has been on her way to dimples for some time. I think the babyfat is just now allowing them to come through ;)

Hayley - the bride looked pretty spiffin herself, I have to say (and the groom!)

Margaret - glad to see you again! I miss you OX

Kris, I can't wait to see your wedding!!!!

Yoli, Q upstages many, but she is also very gracious, which cushions the blow ;)

AS for my larimeloom dress, I was glad to have an opportunity to wear it! But, those are the only photos I have of myself. Another casualty of chasing a toddler around all night. Good thing it's so much fun!!