We so seldom have pictures of the three of us together, since one of us (usually me) is always glued to the viewfinder. A friend of ours took this photo at the wedding reception the other day, and was nice enough to send it one. I love this one, and something about our postures and the expressions of pure love on our faces reminds me of a similar picture someone took of my mum, my dad and me when I was a wee one.


Snowflowers Mum said...

that is a rockin photo Maia. I'm sure QQ will grow up to treasure it like you do the ones of you and your Mum & Dad.

kinda timeless.

Kris said...

black and white, it's where i started and my favorite medium to work in (don't post those much though, interestingly!).

beautiful photo of a very happy family.