Grey day

We are having chilly, grey weather alternating with gorgeous, golden fall days...and I'm kind of enjoying both kinds.

She is threatening to draw on my camera lens with her crayon.

She has succeeded in drawing on my camera lens with her crayon.
It was worth it.


Stefanie said...

I always get such a sense of peace and happiness when I see pictures of QQ... even on a grey day :)

sarahthefantastic said...

Where did you get that hat? And sweater? Perfection! I love putting YY in exotic things too. They just look so right on her. xox S.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Thanks, Stefanie! I get the same sense of peace and happiness every time I look at her.

Sarah, the sweater is from Etsy seller theAnecdotes. It's alpaca, and gorgeous, and quite affordable for an alpaca sweater! It is much more beautiful in real life even than it looked in the etsy shop - I definitely recommend. The hat...I don't remember. I got it at a high-end baby store here in DEnver, the kind of place I NEVER shop now that I'm actually a mom ;)

Virginia and Doug said...

I love that sweater and that hat, and the boots. She rocks anything she's wearing, doesn't she? Love that bright smile of hers, too. great photos.

Gin =)

Vivian M said...

I loved the fact that she succeeded, and that you said it was worth it!

Kris said...

second stef :O) she just exudes a light from within.