Samantha's Birthday

Long overdue, but life is exceptionally busy these days...Finally posting photos of Samantha's b'day at Jan's house. QQ naturally insisted on bringing balloons. We had our eyes on a balloon bouquet from Sunflower Market, but tragically they were out of helium. We ended up with two mylar balloons from King Soopers. Q and Sam took a long time deciding who should have which, but in the end it all worked out.
Q has been the fortunate attendee at several birthdays this month, and she's starting to get into the spirit.

She was excited to help Samantha blow out her candles, even though she still hasn't entirely grasped the concept of blowing ;)
SHe also made the rounds of all the laps in the house.

Many thanks to Jan for once again hosting a lovely party, with her usual grace and expertise.

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Jan said...

Thanks for posting, Maia!! Sam and QQ look so cute. And thanks for bringing the balloons!!