The Clock Tower

Recently the city of Denver hosted a day-long open tour of historical building, and though we didn't have a lot of time before my husband's work, it was a beautiful day, and we made a dash to see the inside of the famous clocktower, whose outside we have so often admired.
The Daniels & Fisher clock tower, modeled after the Campanile in Piazza San Marco, Venice (though that's not what you'd think of standing in downtown Denver), was built in 1910 and was at the time the tallest structure west of the Mississippi.
From the top deck of the clock tower are some amazing views of Lodo and 16th Street.
But the inside of the clock itself is the really magical part.
I wish I thought Q would remember all these wonderful adventures, but people keep reminding me that most recalled memories are formed after the age of three. Still, that's why I take all these photos, isn't it? Or at least, that's my excuse ;)
It was all fun and games until Q started swinging from the stair rails some three hundred feet up inside the tower, and it was time to head for solid ground.

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monica said...

Q is so much fun to watch. I know how you feel about kids not remembering this time of life. How can it be?It's so unfair, really.