de l'amour des arbres...

My sweet blog friend Juniper of Capers and Olives passed me this little post in honor of tree several weeks ago, and I have been waiting until the spring trees were in full bloom to do it the honor it deserves.
Of course I was also hoping against hope that there would be a bloom this year, since last year April blizzards wiped out the bloom entirely.
But I got lucky, and this year the bloom is one of the most spectacular I've seen.

This little russet-headed bird helped me immensely with this post, as it sat singing its little heart out to the spring skies in some still-bare branches.
I do love trees (in fact I'd be a little suspicious of anyone who doesn't) but this is definitely the time of year that I am the most giddily and madly in love with them here in our garden city. You can see why!

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sarahthefantastic said...

Trees in blossom are completely blissful! I am hoping ours are out soon. xxo Sarah