New family member

This is Sawyer. She's a girl. She's nine months old, very small, and adopted.
She is Q's new cat, and our new mouser.
We have been badly in need of a mouser in this house, and Sawyer was chosen partly on the basis of her clear status as a fearless hunter among cats.
She was also chosen for her petite stature, her obvious intelligence, her outgoing nature, her gorgeous eyes, and her youth.
I briefly had cold feet on our way to the pound, but once we saw and visited with this one, I lost my trepidation. I'm now pretty sure we've found the right cat, and she's found the right family.

I was dubious about the note on her cage that said she was litterbox-trained, but this proved to be true. She is also tolerant of loud and aggressive toddlers, and very open to direction.
Q was really hoping for a purple cat, but failing that, she thinks Sawyer is pretty cool.


Kris said...


J said...

Hey, she has a big white J on her back! I think that means she's supposed to be mine.

Chris said...

She looks adorable!!!
I really like her name...very cool!

Yoli said...

Maia she is absolutely beautiful.

sarahthefantastic said...

She is the Q in feline form! The angle of those eyes, the love of balloons, the athleticism... Clearly the right cat for you. Congratulations and I wish you many happy and mouse-free years. xox S.

Stacie said...

Finally, a cat. She is lovely.

Maia said...

She looks very sleek and slick. Makes me miss my tabby. Enjoy!

Cavatica said...

Oooooh, she is clearly cool.