A day of outdoor work

Yesterday on a blustery but hot April day, I took the day off from the studio, draggeed Q's toy bench out back, tarped and taped and set to work painting it.
After a year and a half, approaching time for transitioning to a 'big girl' bed, I am finally working on redecorating Q's room.
When we first bought the house, I painted my bathroom (which was on the "old" side of the house and very worn and decrepit) in patterns inspired by the wall paintings from African mud huts. I have always loved the way it turned out, and decided to draw from some beautifully-woven African fabrics for the patterns on this bench.
I think it was a hit with the Q.
As for me, it felt like a spring cleaning of the mind to crawl out of the depths of my studio, sit on a tarp in the sun, and just spend the day painting a piece of furniture.
Now on to the rest of the room...I'm kind of excited to see how it turns out!


Yoli said...

I think it is stunning.

Snowflowers Mum said...

c'est magnifique

Michele said...

Very cool. I can't wait to see the rest of it.