Rain, rain, go away...
Or, actually, stick around. After all, the Q loves her umbrellas, and her galoshes.
That, and Colorado is a dry state. On average, March is the wettest month, and summers are very dry. This year, we had a fairly storm-free March, so I guess we'll take all the April showers we can get!
Make hay while the sun shines, and make flowers while the rain falls.
About 60 seconds after this shot was taken, the rain turned to heavy, wet, overwhelming, torrential spring snow. And then back to rain again after about a half hour. I'm sure it will turn to snow again tonight before this spring storm has run its course.

But...that's spring in Colorado.


monica said...

I sure do miss it. I have never seen a child dressed so beautifully. She is more like a work of art.

Kris said...

i love rainy days. we had one yesterday after a long dry spell.