By the way...

I wasn't being facetious when I talked about clearing an entire wall of my tiny studio for the chair. It was no mean task, either, and involved evicting several boxes of things that I considered essential to my creative process (but which could not in fact have been all that essential since most of them had not seen the light of day in nearly two years). But oh, the joy of a blank, white wall! The lack of clutter! The space! It's only a few feet of space, granted. Still, it changed the feeling of my work environment more than I could have imagined. I feel (does anyone else feel this way after they clear space?) as if an entire wall in my brain has been dusted, erased, and whiped clean...a canvas ready to be painted. Now there's a fringe benefit!
So here's QQ's first photo session on "the chair" (first thing in the morning, unbathed and in her PJs...this was just a trial run). As you can see, she's not fooled. She SAW me put the pulp western paperback under that lame foot. She knows exactly how unstable this chair is, and she did not want to be left sitting on it. Well, I haven't raised a fool.

I'll fix that chair before I attempt any further photos.


Vivian M said...

The chair just looks that much prettier when your daughter is sitting in it!

Yoli said...

Oh I didn't see this!!!! OH I LOVE IT MAIA. That chair and precious QQ on it!

Snowflowers Mum said...

it's not clutter if it's beautiful things that tell a story Maia. I can't imagine you filling your home with knic knacks from some overpriced department store, but rather 'rediscovered treasures' from a Saturday morning flea market on rue des Rosiers.

You make everything art my friend.

Cavatica said...

Oh, that grin!

My Heart Beats In China said...

I love this post! That book under the chair tells it's own story!
Great photo op, QQ is adorable in that outfit!

You go girl, unclutter to your hearts content! I know that feeling!